Rehoming your Boxer

At Notts and Yorkshire Boxer Rescue we understand that making the decision to surrender your Boxer for rehoming is a difficult one but we endeavour to make the process as stress free as possible for both you and your beloved Boxer.

As a registered charity and recognised by the Kennel Club we are an ethically run rescue who is proud to offer the very highest standard of care to any dog coming into our rescue and we have a very dedicated team who have a wealth of knowledge and experience of the Boxer breed, ensuring every dog in our care finds a loving forever home.

You will be asked to provide us with as much information as possible about their health, behaviour and temperament. Please be as honest as possible as this will help us find the most suitable home for them.

We do not rehome dogs directly from one home to another. We consider this to be an unsafe method of rehoming and could endanger your dog. Your Boxer will need to come to us for a short stay and be assessed by us before meeting their new family.

The greatest of care is given to finding them their new home. We have a waiting list of people and from that list we choose the most suitable home for them. Follow up checks are carried out throughout the Boxers lifetime to ensure they remain in a happy home and we are happy to pass on updates and photos to you should you request it.

For further information regarding the specialist kennels we use, you can visit their website at Calagran Four Paws Hotel

If you feel you need our help to rehome your dog, please provide your details using the following link Apply to Rehome

Alternatively, contact us on our main telephone number 07747 311624 or email us at

If you would like to see more information about how NAYBR care for a dog brought in for rehoming, we have prepared a short film that can be viewed by clicking the "Play Video" image below.

Play our rehoming process video

Rehoming Stories

Have a look at a couple of dogs that we have successfully rehomed.

Lucy's story

I took photos of Lucy's hand over; she was so relaxed and not at all stressed.

She was greeted with lots of love and treats. Without telling us names we were made aware that an introduction was going to happen with her new family and if successful she was going to live by the sea.

The kind team at NAYBR assisted in forwarding a Christmas card and gave us updates on her progress.

Her life had been full of tragedy, fur-brother Otto passed away suddenly, her Dad Danny passing in May and her Mum Judy in November; she needed NAYBR to help her move into a new chapter and find happiness.

I'm so happy, safe in the knowledge we did the correct thing. Danny & Judy were hardened supporters of NAYBR and knowing that we actioned Judy's final wishes to the letter makes me so happy. The process is sad and stressful but the NAYBR team could've made it easier; hugs and support come for free with the NAYBR team at the time of surrender.

The choice to surrender a much loved member of your family is never an easy one but you can rest assured the NAYBR team don't judge and allow you time to say your goodbye; never regretted handing Lucy over to this great charity, safe knowing she was in experienced and safe hands".

Helen Marie Walker.

A story from Chris

"I will always be grateful to NAYBR for their help when I needed it most.

My 7 year old male boxer suddenly decided that my 2 year old male was a threat to his position as top dog and started to attack him. I didn't have the time to start looking for a home myself it had to be immediate before my baby got really hurt so I rang NAYBR and they stepped in and found him a foster home that night to lovely people who eventually adopted him. I had some lovely updates and I am so pleased he is happy. It broke my heart but it had to be done.

Thank you so much guys you will never know just how grateful I am".