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Piper the Boxer

There are many cogs to the wheel of a rescue, and you could become a pivotal part of the well oiled machine that is Notts and Yorkshire Boxer Rescue. You probably don't realise just how much of an impact the help you may be able to give could have on the progression and success of NAYBR.

Take a minute to think about what you can realistically do to help.........We won't all be able to help in the same way but however small the help you can give, we will be extremely grateful.


This comes in many guises and you might have some brilliant ideas of your own.

Let your imaginations run wild and you might just surprise yourself (and others) with what ideas you come up with. Get in touch with us via our Contact page if you need to discuss your idea.

If you are struggling for ideas, maybe arranging one of the following activities will appeal to you...

  • Coffee Morning
  • Car Boot Sale
  • Garage/Yard Sale
  • Quiz Night
  • Raffle
  • Sponsored Event

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Volunteer at one of our events

Join the team at a large event such as a county dog show, game and country show or help at our local events such as our stall which we have at Pets At Home quite frequently. We have a Christmas Fayre which you could help at by helping on a stall or bringing family and friends to enjoy the event. Check the website or our Facebook page for details of up and coming events.

Donate spare change – every little helps!

You can also give unwanted items for our tombola’s, sales and stalls. Toys, toiletries, sweets, bottles of wine, anything you can spare would be gratefully accepted. We are always in need of items throughout the year for our many events where we raise funds and promote responsible dog ownership.


Often a dog will be coming into rescue from elsewhere in the UK, so will need transporting to our kennels. Where at all possible, this will be organised between the current team but on some occasions this may not be quite so straight forward. Timing is often a major factor in re-homing and a dog may have to be moved at very short notice, distance can also sometimes be an issue. In these instances you could make all the difference, by collecting the dog and transporting it to a pre-arranged destination, which may be, if at all possible, directly to the kennels. When this isn't a viable option, your help could be vital in a journey consisting of relays.


Is fostering for you?.......It takes a very special person to be able to foster for a rescue. By opening the door to their heart and their home they pave the way for a rescue babe to re-adjust, settle and prepare themselves for the chance of a new life.

In some cases, it is a relatively simple transition from one loving home to another but on occasions it could be a gentle introduction to the loving life that all dogs should have.

For a dog that is surrendered for adoption, due to unavoidable circumstances and through no fault of their own, the process is usually a continuation of the love they have always known and they usually adapt quite well, with none or little upset. In stark contrast, a dog that comes into rescue from a pound after being picked up as a stray, or has been removed from a situation where it has suffered abuse, may be extremely traumatised. These particular dogs come into rescue with little or no known history so their re-adjustment may be more complicated but even more rewarding when they come into their own once they are settled in their Fur-ever home.

Check out our fostering page

Home Check

Obviously we want to ensure that every dog that comes into our care is found the correct Fur-Ever home. Crucial to this outcome are the home checks that are carried out prior to placement. As there are no boundaries as to where in the UK these babes will be re-homed it will not always be possible for one of the existing team to carry out these home checks. We therefore need experienced Boxer owners (past or present) to assist with this stage of the re-homing process. They will be given a clear and concise list of requirements that will need to be in place, to ensure that the criteria for a successful re-homing is met.

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