Would you like to foster one of our boxer dogs?

Notts and Yorkshire Boxer Rescue are very proud of their fostering program which supports the older and health affected dogs that come into rescue. These dogs deserve a home just as much as the younger, fitter ones and we work hard to find them loving homes too.

We are always looking for kind-hearted people to take these dogs into their homes and if they can provide the love and care, we will provide the financial support of the food, treatment and their other practical needs.

The benefits

  • The fosterer gets the reward of looking after a Boxer.
  • The dog gets looked after in a home with all the comforts that it brings.
  • The rescue does not have to pay kennel fees.
  • The rescue remains responsible for the dog’s food and medical expenses.
  • The dog can be assessed properly in a home environment if it’s a short-term foster requirement prior to rehoming.

Foster Families Wanted

If you feel you can help, please provide your details using our Apply to Foster form

Alternatively, contact one of our fostering coordinators if you would like to know more about what's involved:

Kerry (  07932 014396 / KerryL@naybr.co.uk ) or

Matthew (  07824 3873632 / boxer@naybr.co.uk )

Molly and Ruby

Hi everyone,

My name is Molly and I’m a beautiful, white 7-year-old girl and I’ve come into Rescue with Ruby. Say hello Ruby.

Hello everyone. I’m Ruby and I’m 3 years old and I’m the red one.

We have come into Rescue together as our previous owner developed health issues and sadly could no longer take care of use. As we have a loving bond we need to be rehomed together. We do get on well with other placid dogs and cats though.

We are well behaved but will need a little help with our fitness. As our owner’s health deteriorated, we weren’t able to get the exercise we needed so have become a little underpowered as it were, not the usual bouncy boxers. With your patience and help though we can build our stamina back and run again. Perhaps then a home without younger children so we can focus on building our strength back.

If you think you can give us the support and a loving home together, please contact the Rescue, they will give you all the support and advice you need.

Love Molly & Ruby…xxx

Hi everyone, my name is Lucy

Unfortunately I have had to come back into Rescue through no fault of my own or my temporary Foster family. Let me tell you a little about me as I am very keen to continue my progress, I just need a little understanding.

I am lively and very pretty 7 year old Brindle girl and the Team have been getting me out and about as I need to experience new things. I just get excited and pull to get to things as I am not sure what they are, I am learning fast though and the Team think I am doing very well. Do you think you could be on my Team and help me continue learning?

I am getting to meet other dogs but perhaps that could come later in my training.

This is an exciting time for me so the Team think that any children around should be older or ideally young adults.

I do have an issue that I need help with as I really don’t like being left on my own, I get very unsettled so my family would need to be at home, at least until I could perhaps learn that too.

If you think you could offer me a Foster home and help me blossom into the dog I know I can be, then please contact the Rescue. You could perhaps think about Adopting me if we learn together and continue my journey. Obviously the Team at NAYBR will be with us all the way and will pay for my food and vet care whilst I am in Foster..!

Love and kisses,


Our Success Stories

These are a few of the dogs we've managed to place in foster homes over the years.

Hi, my name is Abbie

Thanks to NAYBR I'm now in my new foster home


Hi my name is Eva

I am a lively 9 (and don't forget the half) year old white Boxer girl and I am looking for a short term foster home with a view to adopt. I have lived with children over 5 years of age and I quite like male dogs too so I could potentially live with another four legged male friend but not CATS! Noooo, just can't see myself with a cat. I walk quite nicely on a lead but I still have it in me to want to lead you sometimes. I don't have very good recall skills though, although in time this could be worked on in the right environment maybe. You can see from my photos that I also like water quite refreshing on a warm day don't you think?

Unfortunately I have been left on my own for up to 13 hours a day and have a little bit of incontinence now, so I am on some minor medication to help with that.

If you could offer me a comfy sofa please get in touch with the lovely team at NAYBR.

Love and licks, Eva..xx

Hi I’m Amber and I’m looking for a long term foster home

Although I am 10yrs old I am still quite lively. I can live with children over 10yrs. I don’t like other dogs and I get really scared when left and bark.

I’m looking for a home where someone is in all or most of the time and hopefully in time I will understand you come back if you go out. If anyone can help me with a comfy sofa to sleep on please call one of the Fostering coordinators

Kerry - 07932014396 / Mark - ‭07931353920‬ or the rescue on 07747311624‬

As a fosterer you provide me with love and a home and my friends at NAYBR will provide you with support where needed and they’ll cover all my costs.

Love Amber

Janet Smith: a NAYBR Fosterer

Hi, My name is Jo and i am a NAYBR Foster Mum. My job is to take a rescued Boxer (sometimes at the very last minute), and give it a temporary home.

I know what you are thinking.....“oh I wouldn’t be able to give them up”, and yes, when my very first foster boy went to his forever home I certainly did cry. But within a week I had my next Foster boy to focus on. I have since had five foster babies, and every one of them different. But I feel a fosterer's job is extremely rewarding, as the dog comes to me (instead of going into kennels), I get to give them a loving, happy, calm (well sort of calm with a Boxer) environment.

When they are ready, they will go off to their own (carefully selected by NAYBR) Fur-Ever home.

I usually receive updates, and even pictures of my foster babies in their new homes, and when I do, I have a big smile, and know I did my small part in helping them.

Other Testimonials

In my circumstances, I can’t offer a Boxer a permanent home but I get great enjoyment and satisfaction out of short term fostering, getting my Boxer fix, and knowing they won't have to wait in a kennel until their perfect Fur-Ever home comes along.


Just wanted to say how impressed we are with your professionalism, commitment to the dogs and brilliant organisational skills - take a bow!!

J & B