These are the real life stories of some our rescue dogs.

We all work hard to find all our dogs a new Fur-Ever home and this is where the real work can sometimes begin.

Not all dogs are treated like the little treasures they are, which is why being able to offer help to all Boxer dogs in need is really what its all about.

Below are some of our success stories over the past few years.


In her own words with help from her own personal assistant!

Hi everyone. I’m Betsy and you may have seen my story on Facebook but I’d like to explain a bit more about myself.

I came into rescue because my previous family were no longer able to take care of me and made the decision to ask NAYBR to find me a new furever home.

Apparently, I had slipped when I was about 4 months old and broken my left front leg in two places. I had been taken to the PDSA at the time but they wanted to do something called amputation and I was booked in for surgery but that didn’t happen as I’d been trying to use my leg, even though it was very painful, to help me get about so the operation was cancelled as I appeared to be managing ok.

Following my accident I was kept in a crate and became very upset as I was in a lot of pain and wasn’t allowed to do anything in case my leg got worse. I didn’t go anywhere and spent a lot of time on my own. I was starting to get a bit withdrawn and was feeling very unhappy.

My leg did “fix” itself but it was stuck out in a funny way and it made me have a bad limp and put pressure on my other joints which had to compensate.

Anyway, fast forward to 20th July and my new life started!! I remember it was about lunchtime and my new Mummy & Daddy (although I didn’t know who they were at the time!) came to collect me. I was so excited but they tried to keep me calm and stop me jumping about all over them as they didn’t know whether it would do more damage to my poorly leg.

They put me in their van with some bedding and toys (I hadn’t had many of those before!) and we set off to my new home and life. It was a long journey so we stopped a couple of times to let me have a wee and to make sure I was OK and not too frightened.

I remember being given some water and yummy treats and was told that I would never have to be on my own again and that my leg would get sorted in whichever way was best for me.

When we arrived at my new home I went in and could smell dogs, although I couldn’t find any despite looking in every room! My Mummy and Daddy said they had gone to somewhere called “Grandma’s house” to give me a bit of time to look round on my own first and that I’d be meeting my new furry brother and sister later. I was so excited and giddy and just wanted to have loads of kisses and cuddles. I had some proper puppy food as I was told I’d been getting adult food before which wasn’t right for me and was making my poo funny – yuk! The new food was delicious and Mummy and Daddy said they’d had greedy dogs before but none that ate like I did!

Later that day it was time to go and meet my new brother, sister and grandma. Mummy and Daddy said it was best for us to meet on something called “neutral territory” so we set out in the van again. It was then time for the best bit of the day so far – meeting Bruce and Rose!!! I was so happy to have friends that I thought the best idea was for me to jump on them to let them know how excited I was and that chewing their chops would show them how lucky I thought I was! Bruce didn’t seem to think me chomping on his chops was the best way to introduce myself so he told me off and I listened to him and just licked his head instead. Rose was trying to tell me to behave but I think she was just kidding so I didn’t take any notice and carried on with chomping her chops until Mummy and Daddy stopped me.

The next few days flew by with me getting to know Bruce and Rose better, which was mainly Bruce taking himself into another room out of the way and Rose playing with me for a bit and then getting fed up and hiding under her blanket on a chair in the living room - I always found her though!!

A few days after settling in my new Mummy and her friend Jules took me to see a lovely man called Mr Sean the Rescue Vet. He had already been sent pictures of my poorly leg and something called vet records from the vet I had seen before so he knew a bit about me. Mr Sean the Rescue Vet watched me walk round outside and felt my leg quite a bit and said that I wasn’t in any pain and that the bones had fused together after they’d broken but were not in the right place (it was a lot more technical sounding than that though but I can’t remember it all because I’m only a puppy and can’t retain information for long before my head is thinking about something else). Anyway, Mr Sean the Rescue Vet said he wanted to take some more photos of my leg so Mummy said she had to leave me for a few hours, but she gave me a big kiss and said she’d be back for me soon and that I had to be a brave girl.

I did what Mummy said and was a very brave girl and all the staff fell in love with me (obviously!). I was given something that made me a bit dozy so I had a bit of a sleep and when I woke up the photos had been taken and I was given lots of fuss and cuddles from the nurses. Then Mummy and Jules came back to get me and I was so pleased to see them.

Mummy and Jules had a chat with Mr Sean the Rescue Vet and were told that I’d need surgery to rebreak my leg and then put a plate and screws in to hold it in place (‘I’m glad I was only told this afterwards otherwise I’d have been worrying about it!). Mummy asked if I was OK to use my leg until I had the surgery and was told yes, I could and that I’d be fine to go to something called “fundraising” to help the Rescue raise money for doggies like me. Mr Sean the Rescue Vet said he’d speak to the Orthopaedic Surgeon to work out when would be the best time for me to have the surgery – either quite soon or when I was a bit older to allow me to get a bit stronger.

The next few weeks following my trip to the see Mr Sean were amazing!! I went to somewhere called Elvaston Castle to offer my services at the Mad Hatters dog show event – it turns out I was quite popular and got loads of attention. Bruce had gone to Grandma’s for a couple of nights, as apparently, I was “doing his head in” and he wanted a bit of peace. Rose came with us though and the two of us slept outside in a field with a bit of material over our heads, which I have now been told is a tent. We had loads of fun and I met loads of new people who are part of the Rescue team and they all slept in the field as well. I was told after my first night in the tenty thing that I’m not supposed to “run about inside like a complete idiot using the blow-up bed as a bouncy castle” and that it only “encouraged Rose to act like a nutter” as well. It was all just so exciting though and I wanted everyone to know how happy I was to be having a proper puppyhood!

Not long after Mummy, Daddy and Rose had recovered from my first trip in the tent we were off again to Norfolk – this time Bruce was told he had to come with us and that he’d just have to lump it! This time we were going on a holiday for a week first before going to the showground to meet up with the rest of the Rescue team. Auntie Jules (as she is now called), Uncle Andy and Cousin Maverick also came with us and again we all slept in tents in a field – it was a bit of a posher field this time and was near something called a pub and not far from a beach. OMG – the beach is just the best thing ever. When I first stood on it Mummy said my little face lit up. It was a fantastic week and as well as my first trip to the beach I went on a little steam train and on a boat on the Broads.

After a week we went off to the showground to meet up with all my new Rescue friends. I did my bit and looked cute and we made a lot of money for the Rescue again. And the best bit was that Bruce actually seemed to be liking me (although Mummy said he was trying to hide it and was good at looking a bit grumpy).

About a week after we got home, I was taken back to the nice Rescue Vets to have my surgery. Mummy and Daddy took me and when we got there all the staff came out to see me and said “look, Betsy’s here again” and made me feel very happy and not scared at all. I was taken into another room while Mummy and Daddy had a chat with one of the Vets but they gave me a big kiss first. The Orthopaedic Surgeon and one of the Rescue Vets were doing my surgery and they said that they’d ring Mummy or Daddy once I’d had the operation to let them know how it had gone. Mummy had Daddy said it was the longest 6 hours they’d had – Daddy said this was made worse by the fact that Mummy dragged him to somewhere called Meadowhell or Murderhall or something like that so that she could do some shopping to take her mind off things.

The Surgeon rang Daddy later that afternoon and said that the surgery had gone really well and that although they couldn’t completely straighten my leg it was hopefully going to be fine and let me live a normal life. They came to pick me up later that evening and were told that for the first 2-3 weeks I had to have complete crate rest but could have 2 or 3 five-minute walks a day starting the next morning. After the first 3 weeks I could then have 2 ten minute and 3 five-minute walks.

I was taken back for a check-up after about 1½ weeks and the Vets were really pleased with me and said that my foot placement was great and I was weight bearing properly. I also no longer had the limp so wasn’t lopsided anymore. Mummy and Daddy booked me back in for a date 6 weeks after the surgery for more photos of my leg to be taken and then, if everything was ok, I could start my new life with my mended leg.

At the time of me writing this I have about another week to go before I go back for the photos taking but I’m already so much happier. Mummy and Daddy (especially Mummy who has been at home with me all the time) have said that I’ve been “challenging” as I don’t want to keep still and will often be very vocal about my disgust at being put in the crate and will let my feelings known for hours at a time. Mummy often gets me out of the crate and has me on a short lead so that I can get my quota of cuddles, although she says that’s not “plain sailing” either as I’ve a tendency to want to chew her!

My life is so good now and I have a lovely new family and an extended Rescue family who all care so much about me. I’ve just turned 8 months old and although I didn’t have the best start to my life, I know things are going to be different now and I can look forward to more fun and adventures and hopefully get to meet some of you too. I can’t thank the Rescue enough for what they’ve done for me and for what they do for the other doggies too.

Lots of love and slobber

Betsy xxxx

A Lifeline for Rosie

Rosie came to Notts and Yorkshire Boxer Rescue through no fault of her own; her owner had to reach out to Rescue as their life sadly had struggles and issues. They knew Rosie needed help, and that’s what we are here for; not to judge or to make comment; just to be there and support in whatever way we can.

We got to know a lot about Rosie’s background and all that information is vital in building the best picture and to establish a good plan for her current and future requirements. One area of her past was sadly a little ‘unknown’ and that was any potential genetic problems she may have. We were made aware that she originally came from a breeder that had been closed down for knowingly breeding dogs with an underlying condition known as Juvenile Kidney Disorder or JKD for short.

JKD is a life limiting condition that affects kidney development; such a shame that some unscrupulous breeders will continue to see money over dog welfare and responsibility.

Rosie was 2 years old and showing no signs that anything was wrong, JKD usually shows at an early age but symptoms can develop later in life; it can be unnoticed for quite some time.

NAYBR decided that Rosie needed the best chance in life so we took her into our care and the team quickly carried out their usual assessments and checks, just so they had the full picture; information is so valuable in Rescue!

We had everything crossed as we awaited her blood and urine tests and then the news we were hoping wouldn’t arrive, did.

It was confirmed that Rosie had inherited JKD and her kidney function was far less than it should be, she was happy and healthy on the outside but this condition lurks until physical symptoms start to show; sadly there is no cure.

A big part of Rescue and fundraising is to help dogs that will go into Foster homes; they get overlooked for Adoption but our Foster program is something we are proud of. If families can open their home and their hearts to dogs that are either elderly or in need of medical support; we are happy to support them with buying food, paying vet bills and supporting with whatever the dog needs.

Rosie is one of these special dogs and we never regretted taking her in, despite her needs and limited life; we are determined she will live the best life; however long that will be.

The Pets At Home VIP club generates vital Lifelines for Rescues throughout the UK and we are proud to be part of this amazing scheme. Lifelines can buy dogs like Rosie special renal food, toys, beds or anything they might need to help them live a happy life.

Whenever you are shopping at Pets At Home, please ask about the VIP scheme, it’s free and there are lots of great offers, information and benefits. The best part though is that your kindness and support, means that Rescues such as Notts and Yorkshire Boxer Rescue receive these Lifelines every time you shop for your special pet. You can choose from a whole list of charities for your own VIP card, so please have a look and maybe even support dogs like Rosie at NAYBR.

On behalf of every animal that benefits from these Lifelines; THANK YOU!

Caesar's story

Caesar is 3 years old came to NAYBR in May with a story that he'd become aggressive with two of his owners’ other dogs and they didn't feel they could trust him around their family anymore. He'd had tests done as a pup that would mainly be carried out if a dog was to be used for breeding, so as a rescue, we suspected that he had been used as a stud dog; plus his original name was Sea (not one I've heard before).

He was placed into our kennels and the process of assessment began. Unfortunately, he was placed in the last kennel of 8 which meant when he was taken out, he had to go past the other kennels. This caused him a lot of stress and it needed two people just to get him out. Once he got to the paddock, he was a different dog. He was very loving but didn't know how to play.

NAYBR called a behaviourist, who assessed him at the kennels and then with her dogs at Poolsbrook Country Park. It was agreed that he was not aggressive, just excitable and hadn't been taught any manners around other dogs. A few changes were made at the kennels by moving him to the first kennel and hanging up some blankets across the front to prevent the stress. It worked a treat and he was much easier to get out of kennels and walked much better.

We first met him on 1st June and despite our best efforts we fell in love with him. We worked with him as did other members of the team, teaching hm how to play ball and then how to behave out on walks with other dogs.

Eventually after a lot of effort and time spent with him, the team decided he was ready to come home, so we adopted him.

We are still doing plenty of training with him when out and playing at home but he is an absolute adorable gent. He gets on well with our daughter's boxer Roxie, who is also a rescue from NAYBR and he is just a big teddy bear. He loves cuddles and he is a lap dog despite being 38kg. He has settled in well and is loving his new life with us.

Up to now, we've had one puppy and then 3 NAYBR foster boxers, but this lad stole our hearts the moment we met him and we are looking forward to spending many happy memories with him.

Alison & Ed

Hugo's story

Let us tell you about Hugo…

When we decided to have another Boxer following the loss of Bruce, we decided we’d rescue one as we thought it was the right thing to do. We spotted him on the Facebook page and put in an application. We were made aware that he had a couple of behavioural issues.

When we first met Hugo at NAYBR, he was a right handful and obviously had very little lead training. Saying that, we thought he had potential and we weren’t averse to a bit of Boxer training. We took him home and all hell broke loose and our lives haven’t been the same since. He’s mischievous and runs off with anything at nose height (or chair height or table height or worktop height)! He’ll see something he likes the look of, run off with it and hide under the table where he knows we can’t get him.

We’ve had a fair few moments in the first few weeks where we’ve wondered if we’d done the right thing, mainly when he’s thrown a paddy whilst walking on the lead. He wouldn’t bond with us straight away and just wanted to play or play up. However, after perseverance and showing him he can trust us and showing him who’s the boss (using trusted techniques and a dog behaviourist) he’s settled in really well and now shows so much affection to us and showers us with kisses - ok slobber!

We’re still working hard with him and keeping up the training to ensure he knows his manners. I tried dog agility on the garden by buying a hoop for him to jump through but he ate it! He’s so loveable and spends every night curled up with us on the sofa. He has a routine and knows 10pm is bedtime & biscuits.

He’s such a character and we love having him around…everyone we meet loves him. He has his own Instagram page so people can keep up with his escapades and has regular comments on Facebook. He puts smiles on everyone’s face every day.

We love him!!

Neil & Tina

Buddy the Boxer

Hi Everyone,

Last year just 4 days before Christmas I lost my deaf white boxer Stanley who came from boxer rescue but a different region. The house was too quiet and I needed a dog back, not to replace Stanley, but to give the love I have for dogs to another boxer.

After a very short look on the boxer sites I noticed a beautiful boy called Buddy at NAYBR. I had chat with my other half we decided to fill out the application form to adopt Buddy.

It really didn't take long before we heard back and were told that yes Buddy was still awaiting his forever home. We arranged for a home check and before we knew it that day had come and immediately Alan and Sheenagh knew we were dog lovers when they came. We've had boxers (rescues) and our walls are full of giant canvas photos of them. A couple of days passed and we received a call to see when we wanted to go and meet young Buddy. That Sunday we drove from North Yorkshire down to Chesterfield.

Once at NAYBR we were met by Alan and Sheenagh and Matt and Andy. They chatted about Buddy and told us everything we needed to know about his past and his behaviour.

Obviously getting a rescue dog from anywhere you need to be fully aware of the dog’s background where possible and we were informed on everything to do with Buddy and we were also told that they don't just give dogs to anyone but would rather try and match people to the dog and dog to potential owners. That in my eyes is a huge plus because Buddy is young and needed someone who understands the breed plus the work needed to ensure he will be happy and loved.

We went into Buddy's play area and awaited this young furbaby to arrive. Enter Buddy. A truly beautiful boy who you could tell had been well looked after by all the team at NAYBR. We spent some time watching him play and let him approach us. Already I had great vibes about him. Yes, he was a typical boxer and yes, he had a lot to learn as he'd missed out on most of his proper puppy life but I was ready for everything.

We went for a really nice walk to see how he acted when out on a lead and to learn more about him.

Once back at NAYBR we said our goodbyes to Buddy and chatted more about him.

The following week we went down again to see Buddy. It was great to see the team again and to obviously see Buddy. We went for a walk and then we were told we could take Buddy home. We were so very excited.

If anyone wants to get a dog please, please don't use a farm or breeder as there are beautiful dogs in kennels that need a loving home.

NAYBR have been amazing to us. They are in touch regularly and I'm always so happy to share our photos of Buddy and update them on his progress. They do all they can to bring a dog on and are dedicated in all they do, all you need to do is apply and take it from there.

You have support anytime you need it and are not left out of pocket because of a big bill to buy your baby, plus all money goes straight back to the new dogs coming into NAYBR.

I would not hesitate in recommending NAYBR to anyone because they are an amazing team.

Good luck to everyone in finding your furbaby.

The Star of the show

In 2018 we got in touch with Notts & Yorkshire Boxer Rescue about the possibility of adoption.

We had seen on their website a 16 month old girl boxer called Bubbles was her name.

After filling out an adoption form it wasn’t long before we received a call asking us if we’d like a meet and greet and of course we said yes. A week later we went to see where she was being fostered by Chris, one of the rescue teams amazing volunteers.

We loved the young girl, so the rescue organised a home check by one their team. After our home was checked all safe and secure, we were given the pleasure of adopting her. Along with her new home, we also gave her a new name and she is now called Star.

The whole experience, from start to finally adoption, was made so pleasant by the team at NAYBR. They’re always was on hand to answer any questions we had or offer advice. They are still are there to help with anything 4 years down the line, which we are so grateful for.

The whole Notts & Yorkshire Boxer Rescue team are amazing. We still keep in touch and share our stories via their Facebook group. As one of their team always says “they do it for the pups” and they all sure do a fantastic job.


NAYBR were contacted on 10th April by Hull dog warden. They had been called to a white boxer, who had been found tied to a lamppost in Wincolmlee.

As the dog warden arrived his owner, a homeless man, came forward and told her that he was his dog named Max but he could no longer look after him. As he was not a stray he could not go to the stray kennels so the dog warden rang NAYBR.

The rescue agreed to take Max and arrangements were made to pick him up. One of our volunteers travelled to Hull to collect him up take him to our kennels for an initial assessment.

Kerry, one of NAYBR’s co-ordinators, went to meet him and sent photos to me. After seeing the photos I fell in love with him and decided to foster him. After we had lost Molly in December we decided the time was right. We arranged for Kerry to pick him up and take him to the park to meet Nimzo, our other dog, and see how it went. It went very well and he came back to ours were he promptly jumped on the sofa and went to sleep!!!

We noticed that he had trouble eating, which he did very slowly and his chewing was exaggerated. We booked him into the vets and when the vet examined him he said his teeth were terrible and his molars had nerves showing. He also had entropion on both eyes, which needed to be sorted. He was booked into the vets and had 6 teeth and his entropion done.

Max is a happy, amazing boy. He follows you everywhere and loves his walks and cuddles. His eating is a lot better since his surgery. He sneaks up the stairs and jumps on the bed and goes to sleep. He is a very loving boy and gives the most amazing cuddles. He was officially adopted on May 15th after we decided we couldn't let him go - like there was ever any doubt!

The people who found Max, met the now thriving hound on Sunday in Nottingham at a NAYBR Funday and presented his new owners with a plaque - which Graham had made with his own hands.

Graham, of East Hull, said: "We had been invited down by the staff at the rescue centre where Max was taken. It was a bit emotional and really happy to have seen him."

"It was really, really great to see Max again and made the trip worthwhile. He does looks a lot younger in a way - it looks like a few years have been taken off him."

Diesel's story

When I was 5 years old the lady that I loved locked me in a house and didn’t come back!

Well only now and again and gave me a little bit of food but not enough to stop me from being hungry.

I waited and waited, but every time she did call to see me she just left me again. I was so very hungry and of course lonely.

Then one day she came and took me outside where a gentleman was waiting. He looked at me and look very shocked. I couldn’t see what I looked like, all I knew was that I was VERY hungry. I weighed less than 17 kilos and the gentleman could put his hands round my waist and touch both thumbs together. I was covered in sores, my fur was falling out and my nails were so overgrown that they cut into my paws. My paws were also burned from having to stand in my own mess.

I got in the nice man’s car and he took me home with him. I met some other dogs there and had a nice bath. For the first time in ages, I felt clean.

A vet came to see me and said that because I’d gone so long without food the rescue would have to feed me tiny amounts every couple of hours. this would give my stomach chance to get used to it again. Luckily my organs hadn’t been effected and gradually I put weight on.

During this time I was so ill that I couldn’t live in a kennel. As a result, Tracy, a member of the rescue team, fostered me until I got well again.

I now live with a wonderful family and have a new name to go with my new life

If you click on the image above, you can see me with Tracy and see how much I've changed

Love Diesel.

Despite the efforts of NAYBR, Diesel’s previous owner was never prosecuted for what she did to him

Many of the dogs we rehome come back to see us. This year Diesel came along to say hello to us at our Santa Paws event and was reunited with Tracy who nursed him back to health. Even after all the years that have passed, they still remember each other and Tracy says that Diesel will always hold a special place in her heart.

Molly's story

I lived all my life with my owner, just the two of us together. Life was great and I was very happy.

The years passed and as my owner got older she began to forget things. Sometimes she would feed me over and over again. I didn’t mind this as I’ve always loved my food but the down side of her forgetfulness was than she didn’t let me out to go to the toilet and I’m ashamed to say that I had to do it in the house.

I still loved her but she just couldn’t look after me properly and one day someone took me on a car ride and dropped me off at some kennels. I was a bit scared at first but the ladies at the kennels were really kind to me and I got to go out to play on the paddock every day and regular meals.

The ladies told me that one day someone special would take me home and I just needed to be patient but as time went by I started to lose hope.

Then one day when I was sat in my kennel dreaming of my new life I saw a young girl coming towards me. She was smiling at me and I smiled back. We went on the paddock together and played and even though I got her really muddy she didn’t mind at all. The time came when she had to leave and I was unhappy but I least we’d had a great time together.

Days went by and I was sad that my young friend hadn’t returned to see me again. I shouldn’t have worried though because once again I looked up from my kennel and there she was coming towards me except this time I didn’t go back to my kennel. “Come on Molly” she said “you are coming home with me!”

So this is my new life. All my dreams have come true and once again I am happy and loved. I go on lovely walks, I’ve got toys and when my friend isn’t looking I sneak into bed with her.

Once again life is sweet.

Miss Molly x


Hello my name is Charlie

I am unsure how old I am but with these grey eyebrows I guess I am about 8 years old now.

I am a very happy and well looked after Boxer but my life has not always been this good. I think I was round 4 when my family adopted me. This was at a very low point in my life. I’d been abandoned and left to fend for myself, sleeping in doorways – feeling frightened and hungry, not knowing what would happen to me.

Then one day I got picked up and taken to a kennel. There were lots of other dogs there. All were like me...worried about what would happen next. Then one day some ladies from the rescue came and took me in a car. We seemed to drive a very long way but when we finally arrived there was a lovely man who help me out of the car and took him into his home. He was my foster Dad and was called Kevin and together with my foster Mum Carol and their other dog Fizz, who became my friend, they helped me feel safe again and I stayed with them until my forever home was found.

Finally the day arrived when my new family came to meet me. My foster Dad told them I was a very special boy but nobody knew exactly how special I really was!

Time passed and I enjoyed life to the full. I loved my new family and my new life. I was a very lucky boy. Then one day I had to see the vet. My family were very worried about me and they thought it might be cancer. The vet did an x-ray and what he found surprised everyone.

My body was full of airgun pellets, they were all in my chest, stomach, back and legs. They counted 13 but they’ve found more since then...someone has tried to kill me or maybe just used me as target practice? I still don’t know what I had done to deserve what had been done to me as I am the most caring Boxer you could wish to meet.

My family had a talk to the vet and decided not to try to remove all the pellets and I think that was the right thing to do because I’m doing OK.

That is my past and my future is now full of fun, long walks and family holidays in Scotland.

So go on adopt a Boxer like me, they will make you proud and smile with happiness and allow another Boxer the chance to forget his past!

Love from Charlie xxx