These are the real life stories of some our rescue dogs.

We all work hard to find all our dogs a new Fur-Ever home and this is where the real work can sometimes begin.

Not all dogs are treated like the little treasures they are, which is why being able to offer help to all Boxer dogs in need is really what its all about.

Below are some of our success stories over the past few years.


NAYBR were contacted on 10th April by Hull dog warden. They had been called to a white boxer, who had been found tied to a lamppost in Wincolmlee.

As the dog warden arrived his owner, a homeless man, came forward and told her that he was his dog named Max but he could no longer look after him. As he was not a stray he could not go to the stray kennels so the dog warden rang NAYBR.

The rescue agreed to take Max and arrangements were made to pick him up. One of our volunteers travelled to Hull to collect him up take him to our kennels for an initial assessment.

Kerry, one of NAYBR’s co-ordinators, went to meet him and sent photos to me. After seeing the photos I fell in love with him and decided to foster him. After we had lost Molly in December we decided the time was right. We arranged for Kerry to pick him up and take him to the park to meet Nimzo, our other dog, and see how it went. It went very well and he came back to ours were he promptly jumped on the sofa and went to sleep!!!

We noticed that he had trouble eating, which he did very slowly and his chewing was exaggerated. We booked him into the vets and when the vet examined him he said his teeth were terrible and his molars had nerves showing. He also had entropion on both eyes, which needed to be sorted. He was booked into the vets and had 6 teeth and his entropion done.

Max is a happy, amazing boy. He follows you everywhere and loves his walks and cuddles. His eating is a lot better since his surgery. He sneaks up the stairs and jumps on the bed and goes to sleep. He is a very loving boy and gives the most amazing cuddles. He was officially adopted on May 15th after we decided we couldn't let him go - like there was ever any doubt!

The people who found Max, met the now thriving hound on Sunday in Nottingham at a NAYBR Funday and presented his new owners with a plaque - which Graham had made with his own hands.

Graham, of East Hull, said: "We had been invited down by the staff at the rescue centre where Max was taken. It was a bit emotional and really happy to have seen him."

"It was really, really great to see Max again and made the trip worthwhile. He does looks a lot younger in a way - it looks like a few years have been taken off him."

Diesel's story

When I was 5 years old the lady that I loved locked me in a house and didn’t come back!

Well only now and again and gave me a little bit of food but not enough to stop me from being hungry.

I waited and waited, but every time she did call to see me she just left me again. I was so very hungry and of course lonely.

Then one day she came and took me outside where a gentleman was waiting. He looked at me and look very shocked. I couldn’t see what I looked like, all I knew was that I was VERY hungry. I weighed less than 17 kilos and the gentleman could put his hands round my waist and touch both thumbs together. I was covered in sores, my fur was falling out and my nails were so overgrown that they cut into my paws. My paws were also burned from having to stand in my own mess.

I got in the nice man’s car and he took me home with him. I met some other dogs there and had a nice bath. For the first time in ages, I felt clean.

A vet came to see me and said that because I’d gone so long without food the rescue would have to feed me tiny amounts every couple of hours. this would give my stomach chance to get used to it again. Luckily my organs hadn’t been effected and gradually I put weight on.

During this time I was so ill that I couldn’t live in a kennel. As a result, Tracy, a member of the rescue team, fostered me until I got well again.

I now live with a wonderful family and have a new name to go with my new life

If you click on the image above, you can see me with Tracy and see how much I've changed

Love Diesel.

Despite the efforts of NAYBR, Diesel’s previous owner was never prosecuted for what she did to him

Many of the dogs we rehome come back to see us. This year Diesel came along to say hello to us at our Santa Paws event and was reunited with Tracy who nursed him back to health. Even after all the years that have passed, they still remember each other and Tracy says that Diesel will always hold a special place in her heart.

Molly's story

I lived all my life with my owner, just the two of us together. Life was great and I was very happy.

The years passed and as my owner got older she began to forget things. Sometimes she would feed me over and over again. I didn’t mind this as I’ve always loved my food but the down side of her forgetfulness was than she didn’t let me out to go to the toilet and I’m ashamed to say that I had to do it in the house.

I still loved her but she just couldn’t look after me properly and one day someone took me on a car ride and dropped me off at some kennels. I was a bit scared at first but the ladies at the kennels were really kind to me and I got to go out to play on the paddock every day and regular meals.

The ladies told me that one day someone special would take me home and I just needed to be patient but as time went by I started to lose hope.

Then one day when I was sat in my kennel dreaming of my new life I saw a young girl coming towards me. She was smiling at me and I smiled back. We went on the paddock together and played and even though I got her really muddy she didn’t mind at all. The time came when she had to leave and I was unhappy but I least we’d had a great time together.

Days went by and I was sad that my young friend hadn’t returned to see me again. I shouldn’t have worried though because once again I looked up from my kennel and there she was coming towards me except this time I didn’t go back to my kennel. “Come on Molly” she said “you are coming home with me!”

So this is my new life. All my dreams have come true and once again I am happy and loved. I go on lovely walks, I’ve got toys and when my friend isn’t looking I sneak into bed with her.

Once again life is sweet.

Miss Molly x


Hello my name is Charlie

I am unsure how old I am but with these grey eyebrows I guess I am about 8 years old now.

I am a very happy and well looked after Boxer but my life has not always been this good. I think I was round 4 when my family adopted me. This was at a very low point in my life. I’d been abandoned and left to fend for myself, sleeping in doorways – feeling frightened and hungry, not knowing what would happen to me.

Then one day I got picked up and taken to a kennel. There were lots of other dogs there. All were like me...worried about what would happen next. Then one day some ladies from the rescue came and took me in a car. We seemed to drive a very long way but when we finally arrived there was a lovely man who help me out of the car and took him into his home. He was my foster Dad and was called Kevin and together with my foster Mum Carol and their other dog Fizz, who became my friend, they helped me feel safe again and I stayed with them until my forever home was found.

Finally the day arrived when my new family came to meet me. My foster Dad told them I was a very special boy but nobody knew exactly how special I really was!

Time passed and I enjoyed life to the full. I loved my new family and my new life. I was a very lucky boy. Then one day I had to see the vet. My family were very worried about me and they thought it might be cancer. The vet did an x-ray and what he found surprised everyone.

My body was full of airgun pellets, they were all in my chest, stomach, back and legs. They counted 13 but they’ve found more since then...someone has tried to kill me or maybe just used me as target practice? I still don’t know what I had done to deserve what had been done to me as I am the most caring Boxer you could wish to meet.

My family had a talk to the vet and decided not to try to remove all the pellets and I think that was the right thing to do because I’m doing OK.

That is my past and my future is now full of fun, long walks and family holidays in Scotland.

So go on adopt a Boxer like me, they will make you proud and smile with happiness and allow another Boxer the chance to forget his past!

Love from Charlie xxx

Buzz and Woody

My name is George and my best friends name is Woody. I am about 5 years old and Woody my soul mate is around 10 years old or so we have been told.

We where found wondering the streets in the middle of winter, very cold and very hungry, no one is sure how long we had been on our own, or where we had come from but the nice ladies do think that we have once lived in a home and just been thrown out on the street to fend for ourselves.

We were picked up by the local Dog Warden we hoped they would take us back to our home, but instead we were taken to the local dog pound and then separated into different kennels.

It was a very frightening and my best friend Woody soon became very ill and cried. The people who ran this dog pound put him back in the kennel with me and this is where we stayed, huddled together for comfort. I’m not sure how long for?

Everyday we watched other dogs walk down a corridor towards a room with their heads hung low, it was a very scary place and no one seemed to come back after this long walk, I'm not sure where these dogs went to!

One day a lady came and looked at us both huddled together...She told us it wouldn’t be long, someone was coming for us! We were both very frightened, as we didn’t know what was going to happen to us.

The following day two Ladies came, they gently spoke to us and kissed our heads and told us that we would be safe. We were taken from that frightening place and taken a long way to a very nice foster home. For the first time in many weeks we had a warm fire, and nice homemade food, but I was still very worried about my best friend Woody, he just slept all the time and couldn’t bear the thought of being left on his own.

Over the next few days we were both taken to see a nice vet who gave us lots of cuddles but looked very worried about my best friend Woody and myself.

After a couple of weeks when I was feeling better I had to go back to the vets and have a operation, I had 3 lumps removed from my body, one of which was a Mass Cell Tumour (cancer). The Ladies who had rescued me made sure I had round the clock attention and loving care.

After many weeks of Love and Care given by lots of people Woody and I started to have hope for a new beginning. The 2 Ladies promised us that they would find us a new Fur-Ever home together and started to look for that perfect place where we could feel safe and happy again together.

Just when things were looking like we had a new bright future, one morning Woody took a turn for the worst! The Angels came for him while he laid in the arms of the two Ladies that had rescued us from that very frightening place DEATH ROW.

I couldn’t understand why my best friend had to go to Rainbow Bridge, we were supposed to be going to a lovely home together with people that wanted us and loved us. I was very sad and lonely.

The two Ladies never gave up on me they helped to mend my broken heart and found me the very best Fur-Ever home.

I now live on a farm with my very own new Mummy and Daddy, I have other dogs to play with and a warm bed to lay on and fire place to sleep by on a cold evening. I go for long walks in open fields and have lots of new toys to play with and best of all I feel LOVED.

I miss my best friend Woody but know he is now with the Angels at Rainbow Bridge.

Tommy's story

I used to live in North Lincolnshire but for some reason unknown to me I was collected from my home by ladies from NAYBR in April 2013 and kennels became my home for the next few months, although there were some very kind people from NAYBR helping to look after me and take me for some walks I was very very unhappy and very anxious, I lost weight and was generally stressed. I did try and live with a family but that didn’t work out as it was a bit of a busy house and I was not really happy with the children’s noise. It made me grumble at times which was enough for me to be returned to kennels.

I was moved to another kennels in the country which was much quieter and I was looked after by a really nice lady called Sarah, I felt a little bit happier here but still very anxious, because I was nearly 10 years old and I heard people saying that nobody wanted older dogs so I thought I was destined to spend the rest of my days in kennels. I so missed being loved and the comforts of a home. All I want was to be wanted.

In May 2013 my new Mum & Dad went to the “All About Dogs” show at Newark show ground and visited the NAYBR stand, they chatted to lots of people and made a fuss of lots of Boxers dogs, this unsettled Mum & Dad, realising that they really missed not having a Boxer in their life’s having had Boxers for 23 years. They picked up some leaflets from the stand. From then on Dad checked out their web site and saw the Boxers that were wanting re homing. Very soon Dad saw the picture of ME, “Tommy”, and thought how much he was reminded of Benson his previous Boxer. On Dads birthday they visited Sherwood Forest for a walk and picnic, everyone they walked passed had a dog and they said to each other how much they missed not having a Boxer dog.

When Mum & Dad arrived at the kennels Tracy suggested they walk around the field with me. Prior to them arriving Tracy had a little chat with me and suggested I be on my best behaviour and try to impress them. We went into the field and I found my favourite ball, we played ball and had a really great time, Dad was kicking the ball for me and I really excelled myself, I even gave Mum a quick kiss and let her tickle my tummy. Eventually after a long time they put me back in my kennel. They said they would see me soon, but I felt really sad because I really liked the look of them and felt they liked me.

Mum & Dad went to have a chat with Tracy and apparently decided there and then they would like to take me home, and wanted to adopt me not foster me, they told Tracy they thought I was extremely handsome and well behaved, and did not deserve spending the rest of my life in kennels. Tracy and Fiona came to tell me that this was going to be my new Mum & Dad and I would soon be going to a new home, I was so excited I could hardly sleep that night, which is very unusual for me.

Anyway, to cut a very long story short all the paperwork was done, Mum & Dad came to collect me from the kennels on Thursday August 22nd 2013 I was so excited.

Gosh! I really enjoyed the journey to my new home in the car which was not far, and did not attempt to jump over the back seat, but sat up and watched out of the back window.

On arrival at my new home I soon made myself at home by having a wee and poo in the garden followed by a lovely tea in my new big bowl. I was given a new big blue rugby ball just like the one at the kennels and Mum & dad played with me in the back garden.

I had a lovely big bed, but decided the leather settee looked a much better option. I found it quite strange at first, when Mum & Dad wanted me to sit next to them, but now I have learnt how touching, cuddling and kissing is really great.

Every morning Dad comes downstairs at 6.00am and lets me out for a wee, then I run upstairs and jump on the bed to wake Mum up, we all sit in bed for ½ hour having a cup of tea, before Mum gets up to take me for a walk on the playing field with my RED bouncy ball. I love playing with my ball and I love it when Dad kicks it in the air for me and I do headers. At lunch time a lady comes to take me for a long walk, I spend the afternoon sleeping this off before Mum & Dad get home from work. Mum & Dad were told I might not be very good with other dogs, but I have met a few other dogs on the playing field and really enjoy playing with them. I have even met a girlfriend on one of my walks she is called Roxy and we love to have a run around together, she is a lot younger than me and can run faster than me.

I am so good now that I can even walk home from the park without my lead on and I walk to heel, I love to carry my red ball home from the park.

Weekends are really great after a lie in and then an extra-long walk we sometimes go in the car to see my grandma & grandpa, I love visiting them as grandma gives me lots of treats and grandpa tickles my tummy.

I have overheard Mum & Dad saying how they can’t believe how much they love me and what a delight I am to have because I am such a “good boy”.

I love my new home and I love my new Mum & Dad, my favourite thing is to sit on the settee with my head on my Dads lap, snoring and dreaming! or is it going to the playing field with my Red ball..... mmmmm.... I can’t decide there is so much to look forward to now. I have put on weight and feel very content in my new home, I have even learnt that cuddling is really nice and I love to sit on Mum’s knee although she says I am a bit big for that to which I reply – NO I’M NOT.

I would like to thank all the very kind people at NAYBR for giving me another sunrise in my life. Especially my Uncle Karl, who I really liked.

Thank you everyone for helping me.

Thank you NAYBR.

Tommy x x

Chance's story

I don’t remember where I came from or what my real name was, or even if I was ever really loved. I remember the cold, the hunger, wondering the streets and the feeling of being so frightened.

One day while wondering the streets a man came and gave me some food.Then he put me in his van and took me to a very frightening place. There was lots of other dogs, all very sad and all very scared. Everyone was crying and barking.

One day when I had just about given up all hope of this miserable life a lady came to see me, she looked into my sad little eyes and said “don’t worry little fellow someone is coming for you” I was terrified, was I going to the place I had seen other dogs go and never return?

The very next day two ladies came. For the first time in my 2 short years of life someone smiled and gently stroked my tiny little broken body. They laid me in the back of a car and wrapped me in a blanket and one lady just sat and nursed me. We went on a very long journey, was this the journey I had seen the other dogs go on? Would I disappear?

I now live with one of the ladies who saved my life who is my Fur-Ever Mummy, I live with 3 other Boxer brothers and a sister, my body is mended but I still have many fears. I don’t trust a lot of people and the outside world can still be a very frightening place.

But one thing I do know is I feel loved and as the Ladies told me, I am not a naughty boy, I haven’t done anything wrong, I just wanted to be loved like a lot of my friends in the Dog Pound that never had the same chance as me.

Chance was rescued from DEATH ROW this year 2 days before he was due to be destroyed. He is two years old and was abandoned. His name was given to him by a young girl who helped in his rescue as many of these dogs are not given a name just a number... Chance's number was 1033 he was given this name as he now has a second CHANCE in life that he like so many other Dogs so deserve.

PLEASE help us to save these dogs who through no fault of their own end up on DEATH ROW.


Dizzy Daisy's Diary

I’m not sure why I wasn't wanted me anymore, I don’t remember doing anything wrong, all I remember is having lots of puppy's and not knowing where they all went! All I know is I needed a new Fur-Ever home.

I’d spend some time with the two ladies who gave me a safe place to live while I found my new family and they had looked after me really well but it’s not the same as having my own Fur-Ever home, so when the two ladies told me there was a couple coming to meet me, little did I know that I would be going to live with them.


Made it to my new Fur-Ever home and decided I needed to put gather some pictures of my first few days...

Mum and Dad had come prepared! they has bought me a new collar and a new car harness which both matched, they were great pink camo what more could have asked for. Even had the whole back seat to myself! The journey home was lovely, we went through some really nice scenery which I enjoyed watching through the car window.

After giving my new home a thorough investigation and deciding it looked OK I decided that it was time to investigate the brown bag one of the ladies had given Mum earlier, as was sure something there were things for me in there, an after all Mum had left it on the floor next to the table it was in easy reach!

Would you know there was an interesting squeaky slipper in there! Had the best 15 seconds chewing it before it was in pieces! What fun!

After Tea Amy and her Mum came round for a cup of tea, Amy is now officially my best friend, she is ace, got to play with her and best of all had lots of snuggles! She is ace and brought me a HUGE chew which I think I will save till tomorrow. Then it was time to settle in and watch some TV with Mum and Dad, and as I knew would be occupied for a while I thought I would take advantage and have a bit of a snooze, after all it had been a big day....


Had a lovely night, not sure the same can be said for Mum! Her feet do make a lovely comfy pillow though I decided this morning I would take Mum and Dad to the local wood and explore a little. After waking them up with kisses we got ready and set off! It was a little bit chilly (I think Dad wished he had taken his scarf and gloves!) and more than a little muddy but we did have fun! It was so cold that we only stopped for a quick rest and I managed to get a picture of Mum and me....


Mum had to go to work to day which was rubbish but then I did get to spend the day with Dad! Dad spent some of the morning teaching me all about this thing called a PS3 and Call of Duty I don't see the point of it really but I humoured him as he seems to like it! Mid-morning I managed to convince Dad that walking with me was much more enjoyable than running round shooting other people on some silly game. We had a lovely walk which I really enjoyed and I think it tired Dad out too!

Back at home it was Cuddles time and I even supervised Dad while he did the washing Mum had asked him to do. We had an afternoon snooze then it was time for Dad to pick Mum up from work as she couldn't drive because she hurt her ankle on Dad’s shoes last night, he had left them at the bottom of the stairs and she stepped on them and fell! (And he's the one who tells me about leaving my toys all over the place! talk about pot calling kettle black!) So Dad left me all on my own for the first real time, they were gone for ages! Well half an hour maybe the best bit was Mum was home! And even better she had brought new toys!!!!! And then there we have it day 3 of my new life in my Fur-Ever home! I will have to tell you all about my new lead which Mum got me to which she seems to think will stop me pulling so much (I can’t help I if they don't walk fast enough!) I will see how my first walk on it goes later!


Well did you miss me? Mum has been working so hard I haven't been able to get on to let you all know about the fun things I've been getting up to! So I thought I would jump on now while she isn't looking!

Let’s see - ah yes my visitors the other night were very nice, and they brought me a huge chew bar which was very tasty! Auntie Rebekah made the mistake of sitting on the floor so I took that opportunity to thank her for my present and climbed all over her giving her kisses as I did, which she seemed to really like! She even brought Dad a present too, which Mum mad fun of him in... it was a new coat for walking me in! he looks very nice in it if you ask me and he likes it too but Mum seems to think he looks funny in it, and told him that he looked like he had jumped straight out of some old private detective movie and then banned him from wearing it went they go out without me! Poor Dad!

It’s still just me and Dad going for walks as Mum is still hobbling around with her poorly foot, but I don't mind as I love spending time with Dad! Mum has been buying things again which is fine my me I love getting presents I now have a lovely pink camo lead to go with my collar and harness I think I look very pretty but Dad didn't seem to appreciate my new lead something about it being a bit girlie! But them Mum pointed out that I am a girl so that was ok (I think Dad meant he felt a bit silly having all the pink bits but I didn't want to be the one to tell Mum).

Had my first night in my own bed last night, as Mum and Dad seem to think I hog their bed, so I've now got my own on the floor at the bottom of their bed, so last night I was able to snuggle with Mum while she went to sleep then Dad scooped me up and put me in my own bed, I had my own pillow and cover too so I could settle down and keep all toast! then when Mum woke up she called me back on the bed so we could snuggle till it was time for her to get out of bed... then I just spread out to keep her bit of the bed warm in case she changed her mind and wanted to come back to bed!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring


Hi my name is Bruno, and I have a story to tell.

My early years are something of a blur, I don’t remember much, but I do remember that at some stage, my Mum and Dad found they couldn’t look after me anymore. I don’t know why, I don’t think I was a bad boy - I always try to love those around me.

Anyway, this started a period of time in kennels - it felt like I had been there forever and I hated it. There was too much noise, too many things going on - it just stressed me out completely. I started to become ill. I know they were trying to help, and my carers we such lovely people, I knew everyone was worrying about me, but I was just so unhappy.

But one day they told me I was going to see my new parents, just a trial to see how we got on. This was all I was wanting to hear! I jumped in the car, and started what turned out to be quite a long journey, but all I could think of was meeting my Mum and Dad!

When I arrived, I was met by three humans introduced to me as Mum, Dad and Grandma. They all greeted me with smiles, pats and strokes. They’d got me a new bed, which I spotted straight away, it was just perfect - and stuffed with toys!

I knew Mum and Dad were shocked by how skinny I was. But they made me feel so comfortable and relaxed, I began to feel better and get stronger within days. I did throw up, down Mum's back, but I didn't mean to, and Mum wasn't mad - I guess this was when I realised she loved me!

Some humans would consider me quite old - I am going grey after all! But Mum and Dad seem to love how I look, and treat me like a pup most of the time. I love to play games, but tire quite quickly - I think I'm about 10, but to be honest I don't really remember, and my Mum and Dad don't care, they just love me!

At first I was a bit of a handful on the lead, pulling all the time - I'm better now, though I do like to chase and bark at things given the chance - though Mum and Dad seem wise to this!

I do love being with my new family, they always make sure I'm never alone (I hate being alone!), and never make me feel bad. They do take lots of photos of me though, which I find slightly embarrassing - I wish I knew what they did with them all!

Mum spends a lot of the day away, but I always give her a massive welcome when she returns - I can hardly walk for wagging my tail so much! Dad comes home every lunchtime, and stays home with me for the afternoon - I've pretty much got him wrapped around my paws! Grandma's always around to make sure I'm happy - she's lovely and always makes sure I have plenty of water, and get out when I

I also found out that Dad sold his favourite car so that they had one I could go in - which is great because I love to travel - He must love me too! We went to Scotland a few weeks ago, and it was great, and next we're off to the Peak District in a couple of weeks’ time! I'm having the time of my life!

Thank you so much to all the lovely humans at NAYBR for helping me find my new life! XXX

Ellie's story

Ellie came into our lives on the 9th of May 2013.

She was rescued by Nikki Bryant a lovely dog warden for Nottingham after she was found wandering for the 2nd time. She was chipped and taken back to her owner who tried to tell the dog warden she had sold her to someone nearly 28 miles away.

The dog warden found this hard to believe as Ellie was 12 years old and her eye was so badly damaged she bumped into everything. Eventually the owner admitted she was her dog and told Nikki she was not her priority anymore. Nikki contacted the rescue and we picked her up and took her home to foster.

We took her to the vets where the eye specialist who checked her eyes told us she was most probably blind in both eyes although we think she could see shadows, and as long as it didn’t bother or cause her pain we should just monitor her, She also had several lumps which were most probably mast cell tumours. And her teeth were so bad she had to have 7 removed.

Ellie lived with our 2 other dogs and was the perfect dog she came to a lot of events we did where she seemed to have a new lease of life running around and playing she loved every minute of those outings, She loved meeting people and all the fuss and love she got from all the volunteers at the rescue and everyone she met and of course all her ice-creams Fiona bought her.

Ellie became unwell and on the 12th of October we had to say goodbye we had 5 lovely months with her and she was loved very much. Without the rescue she most definitely wouldn’t have had those and we will cherish her memory forever.