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Corona Virus Statement

During these difficult times of the pandemic, we have seen many changes and challenges in the Rescue; one such trend is the increase in demand for dogs and the decline in surrenders. Fewer dogs in Rescue can be viewed as a positive for the dog world but we should ask ourselves why this is. Dogs come into Rescue for all kinds of reasons but one of the main reasons is a lack of time needed to care for them in our busy lives. The pandemic has seen more people staying at home with time to spend with their dogs or indeed to get a dog for company, hence the increase in demand.

Worryingly we suspect that this trend is temporary as people will return to their busy lives at some point and their time will once again be taken, meaning an uncertain time for some dogs.

With this in mind, Notts and Yorkshire Boxer Rescue have taken the decision to temporarily suspend new applications for dogs due to the increase in recent applications and lack of dogs currently in our kennels awaiting new homes.

Our work continues with our Foster dogs and any fundraising opportunities; your understanding and support is appreciated.

Our message is simple, please be patient with rescues and please do not be tempted to look to puppy farms or ‘have a go’ breeders who can exploit the increase in demand. We are concerned that we will see an increase in surrenders once everyone is back at work and back to their busy lives; the dogs they rushed out to buy during lockdown may not be part of their plans for the future.

NAYBR is still open and we still have kennel space if you need to rehome your dog in an urgent situation; our Coordinators are always here to help and advise you in these difficult times.

We will of course keep you all updated as these trends and demands change.








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