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You can Blog too. Perhaps you have a little NAYBR story that you want to share; it could be that you have adopted from NAYBR or are Fostering one of my pals and you want to tell us about their progress? Perhaps you are having a fundraiser for us and you want to spread the word?

If so just email me at Bryan@naybr.co.uk and we'll add it to the Blog.

Love as always dear friends.

Bryan the Boxer


Blue Green Algae Can Kill

Blue-Green Algae is dangerous to all animal, but particularly dogs who love to splash around in lakes.

Many blue-green algae contain, or make, a number of different toxins. These toxins are often harmful to dogs, and can even be deadly. Dogs are most commonly exposed when swimming, playing in, or drinking from contaminated water. Dogs may lick the contaminated water from their fur and can be poisoned this way.

Water that contains blue-green algae may appear a different colour, often looking like pea soup. Blooms are not always large and can sometime be seen in smaller areas of the water close to the shore. The algae may be blue-green in colour, or can even be red, brown or black. The water may sometimes smell musty, earthy or grassy, and you may sometimes see foam along the shoreline.

See the Kennel Club website for more details

Posted by: David Harris on: 06 Jun 2021.

Dangers in your garden

As well as various chemicals used for gardening (lawn food, weed killer, etc), did you know that there are many common plants that are poisonous to dogs? If any of these are in your garden you need to keep your dogs, and other pets, well away from them.

The list of plants includes:

Bulbs: Daffodils, Snowdrops, Hyacinth, Tulip.

Flowering plants: Azalea, Rhoddendron, Geranium, Hydrangea.

Trees: Yew, Conkers, Acorns, Holly, Laburnum.

Food Plants: Rhubarb, Potato, Tomato (leaves and unripe fruits).

Don't forget other stuff you might not have planted but could have self seeded: Ragwort, Nightshade, Foxglove, Mushrooms, Toadstools.

For further information see

Kennel Club - Poisons in your Garden (good explanation of various risks)

PDSA - Poisonous Plants (useful seasonal guide)

Posted by: David Harris on: 24 Apr 2021.

Support Adoption for Pets

We are really proud to be partnered with Pets at Home in Wakefield and Sutton as part of their Support Adoption for Pets scheme.

Bruce, Mindy and Rose were working hard at Wakefield on Saturday 20th July and managed to raise £139.51..!

Working hard meant slobbering on kind and generous customers and begging for treats so it was a difficult day for them (not).

The gang will be out and about again at Wakefield and Sutton stores so if you are about then please go along and say hello, we will tell you more dates soon.

Thanks Wakey..!

Posted by: Matthew McDonnell on: 01 Aug 2019.

Just trying out our updated blog pages

We've been doing some work on our blog page and we think it's almost ready to go

The main change is that we can now have up to 5 image for each post.

All you need to do is click the image that you can see and then up comes the rest

Posted by: David Harris on: 04 Apr 2019.

Cassie lands on her paws

Cassie went to a foster home in February...

Cassie went to a foster home in February, sadly her fosterers had just lost their boy Hector. Cassie was completely different from Hector and needed some work but her new family fell in love with her and adopted her in October. She is now looking forward to her first Christmas in her new home.

Merry Christmas Cassie..xx

Posted by: Matthew McDonnell on: 09 Dec 2018.

Vets warn of disease threat to UK pets from overseas rescue dogs

Well-meaning animal lovers who import rescue dogs from abroad are risking the health of millions of UK pets, vets are warning...

Click this link to go to the full BVA article 

Posted by: Lisa Clibbery on: 19 Sep 2018.

Percy flies the flag for NAYBR

Doesn’t our new flag look fantastic…

it has been kindly donated by the wonderful Percy and his very generous and caring mum and dad. We are really proud of Bryan our logo and mascot and this eye catching addition really helps us to draw the crowds. The photo here is at the All About Dogs event in Norfolk which was held over the August Bank Holiday weekend. We are really fortunate to be supported by Aztec Events who always put on a great show and ensure everyone has a great time.

Despite a wet Sunday the sun returned on Monday and the kind and generous people of Norfolk helped us raise £1,267.18…! Every single penny really does make a difference and our kind supporters are truly amazing.

From all the dogs at NAYBR…….. THANK YOU..!

Posted by: Matthew McDonnell on: 29 Aug 2018.

2019 calendar coming along nicely

So the 3rd shoot went well...

So the 3rd shoot went well last night despite the rain; thanks to those who participated! 

Here’s a very pensive Joe reviewing the shots, can’t wait to see the finished calendar.

Check out his website for further details

Bounders Dog Photography

Posted by: Lisa Clibbery on: 16 Aug 2018.


Happy 14th Birthday Molly..!

On Wednesday the 8th of August, I turned 14..! My foster Mummy tells me I’m a very lucky girl because when I came into rescue at the grand old age of 10 the Rescue put me into their amazing foster scheme as I had a very big mast cell tumour and the vets they didn't think I’d last 6 months. I have proved them wrong..! That's probably because I’m a bit of a diva but hey I’m old so I can be.

In the last few years I’ve lost my hearing and I can't seem to see very well anymore but I’m still loving life thanks’ to the rescue.

I got lots of lovely pressies and a Birthday cake it was yummy but I had to share it with my fur brother. I suppose he puts up with me bossing him about so I don't mind too much.

I’d best be off now my Aldi bed's waiting lol.

Love and lick Molly Munchkin xxxx

Posted by: Matthew McDonnell on: 12 Aug 2018.


Beautiful Dancer battles through...x

One of our Coordinators, Chris Cobb would like to give you an update about her special girl.

Dancer was at the vets having just had a massive tumour and her spleen removed, she lost a lot of blood and was on a drip. I really didn't think I would get her back but someone was watching over my little girl and she was OK.

Much better night last night had some rice pudding for breakfast hopefully she will have a drink today. I would say she is feeling better .Once again we thank you for all your good wishes and prayers xx

My world yeyyyy, she's just eaten all her dinner..!

More pupdates to follow…

Posted by: Matthew McDonnell on: 12 Aug 2018.

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