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Happy 14th Birthday Molly..!

On Wednesday the 8th of August, I turned 14..! My foster Mummy tells me I’m a very lucky girl because when I came into rescue at the grand old age of 10 the Rescue put me into their amazing foster scheme as I had a very big mast cell tumour and the vets they didn't think I’d last 6 months. I have proved them wrong..! That's probably because I’m a bit of a diva but hey I’m old so I can be.

In the last few years I’ve lost my hearing and I can't seem to see very well anymore but I’m still loving life thanks’ to the rescue.

I got lots of lovely pressies and a Birthday cake it was yummy but I had to share it with my fur brother. I suppose he puts up with me bossing him about so I don't mind too much.

I’d best be off now my Aldi bed's waiting lol.

Love and lick Molly Munchkin xxxx

Post By: Matthew McDonnell.   Posted on: 12 Aug 2018

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