Bocky the Boxer


Notts and Yorkshire Boxer Rescue are always looking for people who are willing to foster a dog on a short or long term basis, usually prior to the dog being re-homed. Often, when a dog comes into rescue they require medical treatment or need neutering or spaying before they can move on to their Fur-Ever home. It is better for the dog if this can take place in a home rather than in kennels.

The benefits

  • The fosterer gets the reward of looking after a Boxer.
  • The dog gets looked after in a home.
  • The rescue does not have to pay kennel fees.
  • The rescue remains responsible for the dog’s medical expenses.
  • The dog can be assessed properly in a home to match with the right Fur-Ever family.

Our responsibility is to find each dog the right home it needs and so we will work with you to ensure the dog is right for you and vice-versa. We don't consider the best way of achieving that as simply 'picking one' as each dog is different, as is each family. Our job is to make the perfect match.

If you feel you can help, please provide your details using the following link Apply to Foster . Alternatively, contact our fostering coordinator Fiona on 0781 6622958 or email

We don’t publicise every dog coming or leaving rescue so you may not be aware how busy we have been for the past few months but so far this year we have rehomed 11 dogs and have 9 in long term foster making a total of 20 dogs. We have nearly taken over the whole block at the kennels and also have dogs in short term foster but now we REALLY need your help.

We have two poorly dogs coming in that BOTH need long term foster homes. The rescue will cover all costs including veterinary care, food etc.



The first one is Scarlett who is a 3 year old red girl with JKD (juvenile kidney disease). Her life expectancy is severely limited by this terrible illness and obviously she has continence issues. She is said to be ok when out with other dogs but not good at living with one. She hasn’t lived with children either so we would look to place her in an all adult home.



Our second appeal is for Scooby who is coming to us from Battersea Dogs home and also has renal problems together with hip dysphasia and other health issues. He has at present been struck down with a bug and has been very poorly indeed. We are praying that he recovers and can join us soon but he has quite a battle ahead of him. Scooby is 6 years old and we are told he is good with other dogs and people. Like Scarlett his life expectancy is limited but we are determined that both these sweethearts deserve a chance to enjoy what time they have left in a loving home. We would prefer if they could be fostered in the Nottinghamshire area so that they could be treated by our vet

Fostering Stories

J Smith

Story from Janet Smith - NAYBR Fosterer

Hi, My name is Jo and i am a NAYBR Foster Mum. My job is to take a rescued Boxer (sometimes at the very last minute), and give it a temporary home.

I know what you are thinking.....“oh I wouldn’t be able to give them up”, and yes, when my very first foster boy went to his forever home I certainly did cry. But within a week I had my next Foster boy to focus on. I have since had five foster babies, and every one of them different. But I feel a fosterer's job is extremely rewarding, as the dog comes to me (instead of going into kennels), I get to give them a loving, happy, calm (well sort of calm with a Boxer) environment.

When they are ready, they will go off to their own (carefully selected by NAYBR) Fur-Ever home.

I usually receive updates, and even pictures of my foster babies in their new homes, and when I do, I have a big smile, and know I did my small part in helping them.

Other Testimonials

In my circumstances, I can’t offer a Boxer a permanent home but I get great enjoyment and satisfaction out of short term fostering, getting my Boxer fix, and knowing they won't have to wait in a kennel until their perfect Fur-Ever home comes along.


Just wanted to say how impressed we are with your professionalism, commitment to the dogs and brilliant organisational skills - take a bow!!

J & B